+ Usually means an addition
* Represents a change
- Indicates a removal
? Broken or not sure about it

Version 1.3.3

(17/07/2017) RorysMod-1.7.10-1.3-3-universal.jar
Download here

+ Added Waila plugin
* Updated version checker
* Changed version checker output
* General bug fixes and work

Version 1.3.2

(17/07/2017) RorysMod-1.7.10-1.3-2-universal.jar
Download here

+ Added an Auto Renamer (machine)
* Fixed custom modular laser colors
* Lens module recipe added (again)
* Changed recipe for upgrade plate
* Changed recipe for powered chest
* Color util fixes

Version 1.3.1

+ Added version checker

Version 1.3.0

(12/07/2017) RorysMod-1.7.10-1.3-universal.jar
Download here

+ Better sleeping has been added and works
* Modular Lasers formulas have been changed
* General bug fixes
- Removed version checker

Version 1.2.5

(13/03/2016) RorysMod-1.7.10-1.2.5.jar
Download here

+ Added version checker, shown when joining a world
* Fixed module always on (igniter)
* (A lot of) General bug fixes
? Better sleeping not 100%, (see

Version 1.2.4

(11/02/2016) RorysMod-1.7.10-1.2.4.jar
Download here

+ Added mod logo!
+ Added new module with recipe (no texture)
* These values now are what it will say in the file
* The rifle table now has a 3D texture when droped and in the inventory
* General bug fixes and work

Version 1.2.3

(08/02/2016) RorysMod-1.7.10-1.2.3.jar
Download here

+ Added more stuff in the lang file
* Changed tooltips to be better
+ The laser entity will emit light (there is a setting for it)
* Changed values for firing the Laser Rifle (again)
* Changing laser power from EU (ic2) to RF (CoFH)

Version 1.2.2

(07/02/2016) RorysMod-1.7.10-1.2.2.jar
Download here

+ Added cooldown to the laser (only survival)
+ Added the ability to spawn in the different tiers
* Changed values for firing the Laser Rifle

Version 1.2.1

(06/02/2016) RorysMod-1.7.10-1.2.1.jar
Download here

+ Added a recipe for the Rifle Table
+ Added laser fail sound
+ Added blue print block
+ Added advanced circuit
* Changed gui
* Changed Recipe for all Testing Wall
* Changed Gray to Grey

Version 1.0.1

(30/01/2016) RorysMod-1.7.10-1.0.1.jar
Download here

+ Added White Testing Wall
+ Added Orange Testing Wall
+ Added Magenta Testing Wall
+ Added Light Blue Testing Wall
+ Added Yellow Testing Wall
+ Added Light Green Testing Wall
+ Added Pink Testing Wall
+ Added Dark Grey Testing Wall
+ Added Light Grey Testing Wall
+ Added Cyan Testing Wall
+ Added Purple Testing Wall
+ Added Blue Testing Wall
+ Added Brown Testing Wall
+ Added Green Testing Wall
+ Added Red Testing Wall
+ Added Black Testing Wall
+ Added Rifle Table
+ Added Steel Block
+ Added Steel Ingot
+ Added Steel Dust
+ Added Steel Plate
+ Added Carbon Plated Iron Ingot
+ Added Rifle Plate
+ Added Laser Rifle
+ Added Gun Barrel
+ Added Gun Trigger
+ Added Laser Bolt
+ Added Rifle Upgrade
+ Added Rifle Upgrade (Capacitor)
+ Added Rifle Upgrade (Coolant)
+ Added Rifle Upgrade (Lens)
+ Added Rifle Upgrade (Phaser)
+ Added Rifle Upgrade (Overclock)
+ Added Rifle Upgrade (Explosion)
+ Added Lens
+ Added Circuit
+ Added Filament
+ Added Central Processing Unit
+ Added laser sound

+ Added a model to Rifle
+ Added a model to the Laser blot

? Broken new sleep mechanics